Monday, June 8, 2015

Used to be a time that I loved to "blog", but I've been lapse in its pursuit.  While I've been making art as much as my pea brain with allow, I've not been in the habit of telling about it here like I thought I would.  Guess you could say, "the bloom is off the rose"!

At any rate, I'm in the studio most days when I'm not working painting for others or feeling unwell.  In fact, I spend most of my time thinking about art, reading about art or trying to conjure ideas that intrique.  I'm rather a "one trick pony" but I've never minded so much.  The world revolves and I'm the hobbit in the studio trying to find a voice.  The end of the world could come and I'd be oblivious!  Ignorance is bliss indeed!

Today I procrastinate on finishing two feisty canvases so that the studio is a clean slate before going to visit family in Pennsylvania for a week starting Wednesday.  

The day is achingly beautiful in green and bird song and soft breezes. In fact, the birds are rather noisy neighbors.  I marvel at how nature continues on uninterrupted by most human machinations.

In my ever expanding quest to make paintings that surprise myself I'm always throwing up some image I've scribbled to see how I can mash it into something.  So much of painting is problem solving.  I start with a simple idea but along the way it becomes a monster of its on.  As I haven't much to show just yet to illustrate this point, I'll just put up some scribbles that are considerations for paintings.  

I stand back and say, hmmmmm????

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  1. I love these, Kate...especially the one with the bridge, the leafy/wavy one and the last one with the face and branches/roots/prop.