Tuesday, October 14, 2014

birthday month

It's early morning and I have a list to fulfill today.  There are always things to do and I like industry, especially working at making images.  I am consumed by it everyday and very thankful that I have it and my mister.  But I digress . . .

On offer today is a few new paintings where I'm chasing this idea of using monochromatic colourways to represent uncertainty and adding to that some sort of colour to represent hopefulness.  It may seem a bit trite but its the muse of the moment.

To create these looks I've been playing with charcoal dust and the unintended mark as well as the use of red in some works to represent the blood flow of life.  Again, I may look back on these and laugh at my melodrama, but in the meantime I'm living with these new works to see how they resonate.  In a collection there are to be called, "something out of nothing."