Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello Summer! . . . and what a lovely summer it is here in the midwest.  Not so scorching hot as it usually is this time of year.

I've made some additions to the new website to show that I have been working on making new images this year.  It has, after all, been a tempestuous year.  What I mean by that is that it has gone from being a hard year of chemo to a great year of regaining strength and being able to work again.

The chemo months are gone and I'm happy now to be working on painting murals for Gilda's Club in Royal Oak, MI.  A burst pipe prompted all new murals to be rendered in the lower level, "Noogieland".  Just about complete with the final section of stairwell to be done in the next fortnight.  It has definitely been a labour of love.  

The murals started before my last chemo round in May have been made possible with the help of another, "willing to be abused by my bossy ways" artist, Peggy Kerwan and has taken us straight the way through to the end of July with a week or two carved out to catch our breath over the last few months.

Who knew all those years ago when I fist painted for Gilda's Club that I would be one of the sisters of the "c" monster.  It seems only fitting that I paint murals there at this time in my life! I think its important to leave a legacy of something positive.

Soon, I will be off to do more and more of my own work with commissions and other murals in the offing.  I'm delighted to say that come September I will be having a solo show at a local theatre, The Village Theatre at Cherry Hill in Canton, MI.  It has a wonderfully large lobby space that I'm excited to fill with my imaginings.  Stay tuned as I shall be promoting the show near the end of August.  Dates for the show are: 1-28 September, artist reception: Thursday 11 September.

Please also cheque out the other link on my website as a new addition, Detroit Urban Design Studio.  I've been asked to be involved with "artwear" using my painting images.  I'm over the moon at how cool this gear is!

picture at right . . . herself modeling a scarf based on a painting called, "Night Train"!