Saturday, February 1, 2014

Farmhouse Steps

The long shank of winter has its grip on us here in the Midwest and by all accounts in alot of the country.  It's actively snowing as I write this, again!  I'm thankful that I can be in my warm house and studio with a long list of things to do!

Although I've already posted this newest painting on my Facebook page I have been remiss in keeping up with this blog, partly because I wonder why anyone would want to read the musings of an erstwhile maniac painter!?

Well, at any rate its a good cartharsis for me as I've never outgrown "show and tell".  I can only participate in half measures these days, living at intervals between chemo treatments, but I am so grateful for the days I can function as myself.  And on those days I fly around like a lunatic.  It feels good to feel good!

So, up for offering is my latest creation, "Farmhouse Steps" (orginal oil on canvas 48"x40").  It is a dream of a place that is real, overgrown now and lost in memory.  Yet the rock wall and steps remain as a solid foundation from long ago industry.  The farmers cleared that land and built the steps that led up alongside the farmhouse.   They are time markers only now as modern life has overlaid the past as it always will.

I like the idea of painting dreams and memory of places in time as they are what make our stoies, even if in the retelling or reshapimg of those memories all becomes gauzey and romanticized. 

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  1. oh my god Kate. That is soooo lovely~Wow