Sunday, December 1, 2013

the impatient printmaker

It's 3am.  Normally I'm never awake at this wee hour of the early morning.  I can't say why I am today, perhaps it was the two packets of chocolate biscuits I ate before bed or my brain in overdrive. 

It has been a long time since I've written a blog as well.  Mostly I suppose because I've been sick and impatient or well and impatient.  Impatience, friend and foe!

My impatience also has led me to the delights of "instant gratification" or near to it.  It is my newest obsession, printmaking.  Not that I will EVER abandon painting but this new or rather old, ancient in fact, artform has always been intriguing to me.

I used to hate the idea of "process", all those steps to a result, but with the loan of a table top etching press from a friend I have found a simple way to make a plate and print it.  It may not be as posh as working with a metal plate as is the traditional way, but scratching on a piece of plastic then inking and printing is vastly satisfying and relatively instant in its result.

The results are varied with regard to how well the plate prints but it works more times than not.  There are so many variables to making a good print . . . the right viscosity of the ink, the right dampness of the soaked paper, and of course, the right press pressure.  

It all serves to just make me want a proper big press, a rather expensive art supply.

The print shown is from some sketches from my first trip to Mexico in August, "tree wrap".