Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello Summer

Hello Summer!
It's July in it's full brightness of summer.  This summer compared to last is vastly more pleasant.  Last summer we couldn't sit outside for the extreme heat.  This summer my mister and I debate whether we really want to turn on the airconditioning, shutting out the birdsong and warm smell of grass.  Some heat is good, the fan whirring in the background to make my artroom more ventilated.  Until I sweat sitting still I think I'll keep the windows thrown open.

We're having a party today and I've thoroughly cleaned the house.  Only time I ever do is when there's going to be a party.  Funny how I hate to clean but once engaged I'm a house-a-fire for getting EVERYTHING sorted.  Must be a misfiring gene in me somewhere.

Most of the time I'd rather be in the studio slinging paint, but after a recent visit away from home, I came home to regroup as it were. There is so much to see and do and I now know why people clean their houses before they go on holiday.  It is quite unsettling to come home to a dirty house.  Never thought this sort of thing would bother me.  But having it all clean helps me have my mind clear as well.  Rather like having the grass cut.  Why don't we enjoy it in it's wildness, long and lush.  We must be pre-programmed to think it only looking right and calm when mowed!? hmmmmm?

Today's musings are just some scribbling from my travels.  They aren't about anything in particular, just wanderings to keep myself occupied when there was waiting to do at airports, etc.

Full of you (L) and girl interrupted (R)

 Rocky waterfall in sun or moon (far above)
Just above, something about tomorrow.

Left, blood tree, 
below, dolphin moon

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