Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Although completed before the most recent paintings posted, "swamp" is all about environment.  The reference for this painting is from a photograph I took of a green algae swamp surrounded by manicured suburbia.  It was so odd in it's context.  I chose to illustrate just the swamp as a metafore for the wealth and abundance of life in its messy forms. 

However, superimposed on this dramatic environment are gold rectangles that speak to the idea of our minds wanting to regulate and organize everything we see, nature molded under our hands if you will.

And to take it not too seriously for all its drama I put in the Tardis from Dr. Who as if it is either materialising or dematerialising in the environment.  A comment on the changefulness of everything.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Girl without a country found hiding in the weeds!

Current modern love songs bounce around in my head.  They remind me that an artist's work is to express those feelings we can relate to, to speak for our feelings when we haven't the voice.  And though my singing days are long past I try to speak/sing in paint.  And to that end I work in the studio in these fine weather days of summer completing images that are mysteries or confusions that please me.

"Without a country", 30"x40" acrylic, oil, ink and graphite on canvas, 6/2013

Made from the souce of a scribble drawing.

"Hiding in a garden", 24"x50" acrylic, ink, gold leaf and oil on canvas, 6/2013

Originally made as just a drawing over an acrylic ground sketched out in ink, the connotation seemed too "desparate" and not what I had intended.  It wandered around the walls of the house for weeks until I happend on adding random marks in gold leaf to take away some of the angst.   By accident I added the tree trunks from a photo of some cherry trees.  Now the desparateness is pushed back into more of an idea of "hiding" rather than one of sorrow.  At least in my mind! It also "grounds" the painting.