Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's offering, on a rainy day in early Spring are two digital collages.Taking photographs or bits and bobs of scraps of things that I throw on the scanner and then assemble makes for lovely textures, shapes and colours without a particular context.

This is a new way of seeing as I experiment without thought to "what" the image should look like.  I rather like to "respond" to putting images together.  The end result is abstract, certainly, but I hope pleasing to the eye in an unconventional way.  As if you can almost see some nameable thing inside the abstraction. This folly makes me happy and sometimes a bit confused. However, I've decided that being confused is alright and perhaps desireable in the scheme of things.  Because if everything is known and everything is named where is there to go to next?

left, "Walking home"
(made from a reflection of a fork in a plastic cup and image of a manhole cover)

below, "joint"
(made from scanning the bottom of a biscuit pagkage and an interesting wooden stick)

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