Thursday, April 11, 2013

ruin reverberant

The soft days of spring are here.  I think it must make everyone's hearts lighter in leaving winter behind.  We wait to so long for changes outside the window.  Now with the rains the changes are visually perceptible.  I swear I can see the colour green moving quickly across the dull grass.

So to, in the studio, I feel the excitement of working on my own paintings as I experiment with new ways of looking.  Sometimes only able to realise what's going on outside my door by the drama of a passing thunderstorm.  It's good to be absorbed by concentration but also be able to be aware of the greater world around you.

In painting, I think a world is created in each piece as an attempt to relate to that greater world around us or to give comfort in thinking we can "understand".  We are no longer satisfied with a realistic representation of our world but of, perhaps a relation to our own inner world or the world we wish we could invent.  And so we do, artists invent the world.  And it is always interesting even if not always understandable.

In conjuring this current painting I cut up bits of images on transparencies and put them together out of context.  The resulting image makes me happy although I can't tell you why.  It is not a picture of anything definitive although I know we all tend to "look" for recognisable things in pictures.  Instead, I think it is more a feeling of something.

It is made up of a picture of an abandoned room ruin as a negative and positive image, a microscopic picture of cells, my fork reflection in a plastic deli cup on it's side and an old saxaphone.

Looking at the painting I think of it as a statement on the environs of our closest city, Detroit.  The residents here all "understand" about the decay of the city. Yet it seems that it has been with the city so long that the decay has become rather "institutionalized".  This painting speaks to that, I think.  That's why it is called, "Ruin reverberant", for here in this ruin of a city there is a sense of holding on to the degradation as it is the only legacy that is known.

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