Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Sky Mind

While the blue sky gives way to a soft day of rainy greys I don't mind.  Spring is unfolding ever so magnificently.  The rain only brings more and more wonder to see in the landscape.

I work in the studio with the garage door open to smell the sweet grass and pungent mud.  

On canvas I paint with mud as well as a bit of blue for sky on a new image/abstraction.

The current canvas is another manipulation of disparate images overlapped. A bit of a smudgy old piece of plastic, an image of trees smeared by the speed of having taken the picture out of the car window and one of my little scibbled people.

Together they somehow work into a composition I'm calling, "Blue Sky Mind".  At this stage of developing an image I'm always thinking I should add more.  I'm resisting the urge by setting the canvas aside to dry.

I may yet add to it, but, for now I'm pleased that my original idea has translated well to canvas.

"Blue Sky Mind"  46"x57"x2.5"  acrylic & oil on canvas

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