Thursday, February 28, 2013

Veil of tears

My art work is not usually a crafted project, but with the interpretation of this drawing I knew I had to make some crafty additions.

This work is called, "Veil of Tears". It represents the idea of women that are the emotional heart of most relationships as well as the women of certain cultures that live behind veils.
The use of beads is new to me, but it conveys the feeling I was looking for.  I'm also not a political female, but in doing a piece like this it strikes me that modern females are political by inheritance.  By the nature of what we owe to the women who came before us and paved the way for our independence.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

late night restlessness

It has been ages since I've mused here, but tonight I'm restless and awake late, due primarily to overindulgence of supper and desserts!  Oiy!

Over the months I've been absent here I've been happily painting away as well as chasing the elusiveness of commerce with showing and selling pictures.

I haven't produced as many new works as I would like but I'm always thinking of the next image or looking for it in the folds and creases of the everyday.

One that I am proud of came about as a theme challenge with a group of artists.  The challenge was to make an image that represented a theme from mythology, be it personal or from the world's great cultures pantheon.  

I chose "Artemis", the goddess of the hunt.  The idea of a young woman living independent in her own skin but still in connection in the possibilities of life to come, but of a modern version of the idea. I knew I wanted a young woman in a "hoodie".
  Luckily, a close friend's daughter  was just the right age as model for the picture.  Using a model is new for me but I'm pleased with the result as it fits my internal vision for the painting.

It's also a theme that I like for myself in the context of carrying on in life, to be independent of mind spirit and not compromised by fear and apathy.

In the context of cancer it is to me to not be swayed in my strength by the changes of monitoring numbers or categorizations that do not pertain to how I feel.  There's always a threat of it's return when you're on this ride, but I'm more interested in what I can do with my art for the future than wait for some dire thing to happen.  What a waste of time!

  Recently I heard a Kresge Fellow recipient artist give a talk about her working methods and examples of her work. It was most enlightening to me as she claimed a "premise" to her work that was a fascinating look inside her thought process.  In considering my own work I've never felt that I've had a particular premise or major theme to its existence.  I've just always chased whatever idea or fancy that lead down the primrose path.  

I'm curious to apply the idea of "premise" to my own work to see what in the world I'm on about.  It's funny really, because most of the time I'm not sure what any of it "means".  It's not as if you have to know where you're going with art making, but I've decided that the exercise is a good one.  So, if I lay claim to any idea of what I'm chasing in art it would be that I'm fascinated by the idea of the symbology of images.  What does a tree represent to the viewer or a chair or a stag, etc.  With such a broad context I think I can entertain the combination of marks and images, colours, etc. for years to come.

For example, this painting, "A sense of place" has a drawing of a body superimposed with a country road.  It strikes me that if you put a road in a painting it may symbolize traveling or memory, etc.   The figure in the piece might be "remembering" a place.   It's all an illusion but one made as a reference to life, escapism, happiness, longing, belonging.  Take your pick!