Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wonky weather studio hideout

It was a dark and stormy night . . . oh, wait, it's a dark and stormy day!  In the air, an apocalyptic sense of wonder at how a storm so large can affect us here, so far inland?!  There's a background noise of big wind that is high up in the trees.  It's as if there's an alien spacecraft moored above our heads.  When weather takes things out of our control we conjure all sorts of imagining.  Well, I do anyway!

I watch this wild weather world from my studio window.  It affects my imagination more than my circumstance.  As usual  there are ideas on canvas to chase.  

Today's offering started from an impulsive idea.  That usually means I've grabbed whatever canvas is laying about and whatever transparency and have a go at making a picture.  The idea of what it shall be still an unknown at the start.  Or, I should say, its an innocent idea of plunking some images together only to later be replaced by something else in the making process.  

At present this 3 panel painting has a colour blocked sort of background.  What's to come in front of it is still uncertain.

It seems to have an "urban" feel but to me there needs to be something more "organic" to be added.  Stay tuned!

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