Monday, October 22, 2012

Rebirth of a Rainbow

For hours I've been working on this painting.  I've repainted it several times, stinking up the studio with oil fumes and mineral spirits til I think its gone to my head.  I feel drunken and slightly uncertain about what I have made.  

Yet, I like confusing myself of late.  The challenge is always to find something new in an image or a collection of images melded together. 

The other night I had had a dream about calling the painting, "Rebirth of a rainbow" to represent "renewal".  I'm not sure that this painting conveys that feeling, but it is a possibility.  For calling a name to something tends to tell the viewer how to look at the work.  I'm not sure that this is necessary either but it's the endeavour that matters most.  

So, I offer you "Rebirth of a Rainbow", 24"x50" original oil on canvas.

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