Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All in a day's work or madness

After working in the studio this afternoon, one of the pictures has changed dramatically, another has only changed a little from its beginning idea.

Earlier I posted a 3 panel picture that is now quite different and on it's way in a new direction.  Where to, I've no idea, which is the fun of it.  It's still unfinished, of course, but entirely different from the original intention.  It will either lead me to something quirky and wonderful or to rethinking the thing entirely.

Next, I finished a picture that I've had as an idea for over a year.  An allegory on the innocence of youth,
called, "pulling a great weight",
24"x48" orig. oil, ink,
charcoal on canvas.
This painting started as a 
digital collage first and
translated well to a painting.

In addition to these I found
myself sorting through the
sample bin of old faux
finish work.  An old blue
and bronze textured board
caught my eye.
Out of the impulse a new

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