Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All in a day's work or madness

After working in the studio this afternoon, one of the pictures has changed dramatically, another has only changed a little from its beginning idea.

Earlier I posted a 3 panel picture that is now quite different and on it's way in a new direction.  Where to, I've no idea, which is the fun of it.  It's still unfinished, of course, but entirely different from the original intention.  It will either lead me to something quirky and wonderful or to rethinking the thing entirely.

Next, I finished a picture that I've had as an idea for over a year.  An allegory on the innocence of youth,
called, "pulling a great weight",
24"x48" orig. oil, ink,
charcoal on canvas.
This painting started as a 
digital collage first and
translated well to a painting.

In addition to these I found
myself sorting through the
sample bin of old faux
finish work.  An old blue
and bronze textured board
caught my eye.
Out of the impulse a new

Wonky weather studio hideout

It was a dark and stormy night . . . oh, wait, it's a dark and stormy day!  In the air, an apocalyptic sense of wonder at how a storm so large can affect us here, so far inland?!  There's a background noise of big wind that is high up in the trees.  It's as if there's an alien spacecraft moored above our heads.  When weather takes things out of our control we conjure all sorts of imagining.  Well, I do anyway!

I watch this wild weather world from my studio window.  It affects my imagination more than my circumstance.  As usual  there are ideas on canvas to chase.  

Today's offering started from an impulsive idea.  That usually means I've grabbed whatever canvas is laying about and whatever transparency and have a go at making a picture.  The idea of what it shall be still an unknown at the start.  Or, I should say, its an innocent idea of plunking some images together only to later be replaced by something else in the making process.  

At present this 3 panel painting has a colour blocked sort of background.  What's to come in front of it is still uncertain.

It seems to have an "urban" feel but to me there needs to be something more "organic" to be added.  Stay tuned!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rebirth of a Rainbow

For hours I've been working on this painting.  I've repainted it several times, stinking up the studio with oil fumes and mineral spirits til I think its gone to my head.  I feel drunken and slightly uncertain about what I have made.  

Yet, I like confusing myself of late.  The challenge is always to find something new in an image or a collection of images melded together. 

The other night I had had a dream about calling the painting, "Rebirth of a rainbow" to represent "renewal".  I'm not sure that this painting conveys that feeling, but it is a possibility.  For calling a name to something tends to tell the viewer how to look at the work.  I'm not sure that this is necessary either but it's the endeavour that matters most.  

So, I offer you "Rebirth of a Rainbow", 24"x50" original oil on canvas.

Friday, October 19, 2012


"Mending", a new painting, 36"x48" original oil + ink on canvas.  This image has been with me since last year.  I liked the idea of mixing a picture of a waterfall in Scotland (Onich) with a simple sketch.

I'm continually intrigued by the idea of depth in a painting as well as the abstraction of "flatness".    In this case, I was trying to give the sense of a real place of the waterfall with the superimposition of one of my sketches as the flatness.  

My mister thinks this a dark painting, but it is not.  It has to do with regeneration!

Mending by the waterfall,
sound rushes and drowns the cry of pain.
Swirling water washes me to sleep
and by its healing, I am reborn again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My friend, TINA

My friend, TINA (There Is No Alternative) won "best of show" at last night's reception for the 20th Annual Canton Fine Art Exhibition.
Her drawing is of me from last year when I was going through chemo for ovarian cancer.  My husband took a photo of me, bald and I super-imposed it onto a white flower.  TINA took it and made THE most beautiful drawing!

I'm so very proud of my friend, TINA.  She is an amasing person and artist.  She is a devoted High School Art teacher, with little time for her own art, but I hope one day she will show more of her beautiful drawing.