Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's September, the start of the change of season.  It also makes me think that in the not too distant future the warmth of the oven will be a pleasant surrounding, which means baking, which means pie!

Years ago I fancied myself a baker, perhaps because my gran was such a good one and I wanted to be as able as she.  Years ago, I was practiced, but since then I've become a paint farmer, a "one-trick-pony" where the only concocting I do is the alchemy of mixing colours in paint for making paintings or murals.

On the odd occasion when I actually bake it often times becomes an art project rather than a sweet morsel!  But for today, I can manage a simple cobbler with fresh peaches.

Turning the oven on I know that autumn is here and with it so many new things.  No matter how many years we experience the change of seasons, each change always feels new and and more colourful.

This year's events are so very different from last.  There are gallery art receptions to attend, there are fine art shows to enter.  There's a whole new prospect and outlet for the art I love to make.  And, of course, there's time to make the art.  Time, oh precious time!

The biggest prospect and the one and closest to my heart is the weekend event artist friends and I are promoting for ourselves in Northville the first weekend in Oct. (5,6&7).  We conjured it up as a means to show and sell our work and to raise money for the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

It has become a bit of an obsession for me I suppose, trying to gather artists interested in participating and navigating how to contact the media and take care of little bits of this and that that is required with learning how to self-promote.  I'm learning alot along the way.  So, although I've been out of the studio more than in it, I feel like I'm learning what it means to make paintings.

The painting pictured here was almost thrown away.  It was a bit of a scribble that kept getting added to over time with no rhyme or reason.  And in that  fiddling, what do you know, some kind of new thing.  Or at least, I think it's something.  It's certainly not pie but it visually tastes good to me!

"we make each other cry sometimes"
18"x24" orig. mixed media on canvas

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