Saturday, August 4, 2012

oil persperation

As I leave the studio today to write this posting I realise that I've probably been painting a bit of perspiration in with the oil paint during these hot days of summer.  In fact, the heat of summer is like a wet oil painting ready to melt in runny colours.

The last two Fridays of art receptions for my paintings at different venues have been very pleasant hours of "show and tell".  It always amazes me how others are so keen on "knowing" what my paintings mean, wanting me to corroborate their discovery.  To not discourage them I usually say that it is a bit of intention and happy accident that creates a painting!  Yet I truly love when a painting resonates with someone. In a few days I should know whether two of my paintings resonated enough for two potential buyers.

In the meantime I'm back in the studio experimenting with two new works.  One is a mess, literally.  I just went at throwing oil paint over layered paper on hardboard.  The resulting texture makes the oil paint look messier than a smooth surface.  At first it was just going to be a distant view with a horizon and some big clouds.  Don't know why though, today I thought about putting in a red wavy line and then modifying that.  I'm calling it "frquency" and haven't decided if its any good.
    That's the thing, you never know if anything's any good til you've lived with it for awhile.  Sometimes you know right away, other times it takes time to know. Odd that, but very provocative.  You must suspend judgement or you'd never get anything done!

In another start of a painting, I'm inspired by work of Henning Kless.  He makes pictures glow!  I'm slowly working my way into this rather "sense of night" picture to see if I can make the trees and the reflective water "glow".  Stay tuned!

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