Saturday, July 21, 2012

Upcoming shows:
    Level One Bank in Ferndale (9mile & woodward) from 18 July through 27 August.  Solo show of oil paintings, called, "Kate Paints".  Opening reception Friday 27 July, 5-8pm.
    Starring, the Gallery, (main street, Northville) the month of August.  Reception is the "first Friday", 3 August 2012, 6-9pm.  The shops are open late in Northville, full of delights, music and wine and food.  Come browse the shops and support local arts!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Time and Tide

"Time and Tide wait for no man",  a quote my gran used to use on occasion.  It seemed a fitting title to my newest painting.  A painting that I have catharted over this past week, making little changes to it, fussing it perhaps more than I should.  I must force myself to leave it alone for a bit.

This is the trap of painting.  You can invent whatever kind of world you'd like.  The image takes on a life of its own in feeling.  A brush stroke, a mark made, can change everything.  So, it is hard to know when a painting is finished!

In this instance I wanted to paint a sunset sky in all it's drama only to find that it didn't hold enough interest for me.  I always think about what other things can be added.  I don't have a preconceived idea of  a meaning for the collected images in a composition.  Sometimes the images selected serve to solve a composition problem.  Only later do I realise that subconsciously I chose things that have some sort of meaning.  I suppose it's rather like dissecting a dream. 

In that case I like the idea of making a "waking dream" of a picture.  I want them to be messier than they currently seem to me.  Not so crafted.  It speaks to my limitations as a painter.  I cannot make what I see in my head in the same way I see it.  It comes out as it will only to the strenght and knowledge that I have now to make it.

I cannot surmise that we all want for the same things in life, but in painting I am striving for the illusion of what I want to see or feel, that sense of abandon or freedom.  To be unshackled and free to wander and view the wonder of creation that I am intrinsically linked to.