Friday, June 1, 2012

Making magic

During the past 15 days I've been painting a commission for a boy's room, creating an undersea world.  It is my job to render mural commissions, but more than that i aspire to create a bit of magic.  It seems to me that we are looking for it everywhere.  We make films about it and miss it when it's right under our noses.  It's us!  It's using our gift of imagination and language to create the world around us.  It seems simplistic to say but I'm thinking how we are children longer than any other mammal, but we throw it over to be an adult too soon.  I know we're supposed to put away childish things as we grow up but we've thrown our imaginations and belief in magic right out with it.

I charge us all to be the kings and queens of silliness once in awhile. Finger paint with the pasta sauce, laugh at how silly you look naked, walk barefoot in your yard, make a goofy face to the driver next to you stuck in traffic, look for signs of life in desolate places and paint an image in your mind of how beautiful the world can be!

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