Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ken Lloyd Morgan

The Old Vicarage
Great Saling, Nr. Braintree,
Essex, England, May 2005

My heart is sick with ache pumping out unstoppable tears.  A man of great gifts has passed this life.  He was my teaches, mentor and employer.  I was a restless soul when we met.  At the time more moving target than a sure thing.  This man took me in,  took a chance on me and was instrumental in supporting my desire to be on my own art road.

Just tonight I found out that he passed this life in January and no one told me.  I'm angry and hurt that I never got to pay my respects.  Just because there is an ocean separating me from the green and lovely land is no reason for me to be uninformed.

Now in grief my mind floods with thoughts of our time together.  When not working we'd talk philosophy over pints at the pub.  His wicked wit always sharpened by observations of the world.  The work was always good and demanding in an architects office but it always got done and with humor.  He could draw so well I used to imagine that he could draw in his sleep.

I was privileged to work along side a unique individual who was his own man.  He was proud to be Welsh and optimistically irreverent.  He was made of tough stuff but had a playful heart.  I shall always be in his debt for the time he gave to me.  Being around him made me feel as if I could be as successful as he was.

He has left behind a bounty of artistic legacy that can be seen all over England in the pubs he designed and built.  I've missed him for years now that I reside on the other side of the pond, but now I shall miss him in a different way.  In a way that cannot be repaired.  I hope he passed peacefully.  I hope he will be remembered.  If by no one else he shall always be remembered by me.  I carry him with me as a reminder to go my own way.

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