Sunday, April 15, 2012

A soft Sunday always reminds me of home, the moist grass smell and the moodiness of darkening sky.  For some reason these elemental things make me feel happy especially when there's a cracking good lightening and thunder storm.  The air is charged and when the show is over the rain has washed away the drama to a soft quiet day. 

It is my soft day as well having just finished 4 canvases.  There's always a bit of a lull between finishing a painting and the starting of a new catharsis.  There's always work and always ideas to chase each day but I'm learning how to pace myself and find the simple answer to each new puzzle I create and not make things so complicated.  Good trick, that, if you can do it?  Yet, I do get such pleasure out of each new thing I create for with each piece I'm confused and fasinated all the more by the process of painting.

These paintings seem to have similar themes without my realising it.  In each there is an allegory to TIME.

In "Cell Body"  I took an older painting that I didn't like very much and re-invented the top portion.  It has depth and flatness which makes it accessible yet foreign.  The idea of "time" in this seems to me to be of the vastness of the sea and of the cells in our body.

In "Hours", another painting that has been kicking 'round the studio for awhile.  I had intended it to be just an abstract tree and seed pod of some kind, but after last year's situation with cancer is seemed ripe for further interpretaion.  Perhaps it will seem too heavy-handed but I incorporated drawing some "iv" tubing into the tree branch shapes.  I also used some gold wax over some rice paper that I stuck onto the canvas.  It is another step in further experimenting with adding other elements like drawing and paper to painting.  The name referes to "time" in the sense of the seasons changing and in the hours spent dealing with illness to wellness.
Further to the experimentation is "Tiger in the wood".  This painting started out from a digital collage with lots of detail.  Instead of rendering every little twig I started playing with gel and paint and splattering and came up with a layering process that I will probably not remember again but the feeling of  spontenaety with the paint pleased me.  So, at the last when I'd responded to the push and pull of marks, light and dark I used a dip pen to render a simple white tiger as if he's walking out of the fray, out of troubled times.  It pleases me for all the little marks that I could never have made as sweetly as accident can do.

Lastly from this current spurt of industry, "A wish to time travel" came about at the start as a part of the "wishing chair" series but morphed into a painting of a Norse boat suspended in a candy coloured sea either floating to you or from you with some abstract girders behind.  The simple abstraction of orange dots floating in front of the boat makes me think of the capsules of time as in the artifacts of history.  The last addition of inking in a dandelion gone to seed makes me think of how quickly time passes.

When I was completing this painting a friend stopped by to visit.  She told me that children make wishes on dandelions as they blow the seeds away.  I had never heard of this before, but she said that to her the painting looked like "a wish to time travel".  I told her there and then that she had just named the painting!

Finally, in speaking of TIME . . . what a difference a year makes?  Last year at this time I was in the throws of chemo.  This year I am cancer free and free to explore my heart's desire.  I'm fat and happy and not afraid to experiment my way into the future with my art!