Wednesday, March 21, 2012

an uncommon spring

It's a spring here now that we've never seen before.  It is too warm for March but so lovely as to be able to sit and eat out of doors, ride our bikes and generally drop our shoulders.  Our winter too has been uncommonly light for living in the midwest of the country.  It all makes me wonder about the evidence of global warming?  How can we not see it?  Yet it is hard for we meager humans to take on such big ideas.  Most of us leave it all to the scientists.  Is my meager recycling even helpful to a world full of rubbish on a grand scale?  As an artist am I making tomorrow's junk mail?
   Yet we must carry on in our own time and do the best we can for making decisions about the bigger issues, even if it is like trying to spoon the ocean.
   How do we make each other see the things that need doing when we're consumed by our own little worlds of concerns?   I suppose I'm glad we can have the capacity to enjoy a fine day even if we know not why it is one too soon!  Some say there is no evidence of global warming, but does not this day seem exhibit A?

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