Saturday, December 31, 2011

the best things in life . . .

The coming and going of the old days into new days is always a time for assessment.  We cant help it.  We have the capacity to look forward and backward.  In this we find our lessons learned, our loves remembered.  I've already been feeling as if this cancer year will be nothing more than a chapter in a very thick book of my life.  In some ways I suppose this is "magical thinking".  Yet it's my magical thinking that has gotten me through.  Now i feel that it is my duty to try not to forget my trials by being of help to others that are going through cancer.  I'm not wanting to be a crusader as much as I wish to help dispel fear.  We all have to walk our own road but how to do it fearing the unknown?  There must be a way?

So, in this new year I hope that I can make art that intrigues and be a good friend, confidante, good partner to my mister and be kind to strangers.  The links will be from common interests but also of discovering adventures in people and places.  The next chapter shall be written without fear but include lots of scribbling and curiosity.  I take comfort greatly in knowing that i have a future.
I hope everyone that reads this shall find their fun and happiness.  The best things of life.  Happy new year!

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