Monday, December 26, 2011

almost new year

The "risky" bit I referred to in my last posting has to do with playing with paint in such a way as to not have any control over how its going to drip! 

I threw this painting on the floor and dribbled paint on it from a squirt bottle, turned the painting upside down and left the studio. Two hours later the white paint had dripped just perfectly.  It somehow redeemed this painting.  This is called, "The Great Stag Rescue".  It was my offering to our art group theme challenge painting on the subject of "redemption".

Now I'm on to a paid commission.  Yet while it is still in its infancy I've completed another painting.  It was going to be a simple "decorative piece" of a chair.  When I looked at it today, I realised that I wanted it to be more provocative than just an old chair on an abstract background.  Without really thinking about it I decided "fire" was the right thing for the chair.  Now, instead of being a "wishing chair", its a "burning chair".  What that means, I've no idea, but I like the energy it has.  Instead of being a "still" piece, it has in it the idea of "quickness", or "transcience".  Maybe, it could even mean that I've burned the need to hold down furniture in my recouperation!  Perhaps!

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