Friday, October 7, 2011

three new paintings started

It's October and the weather is wonderfully warm.  I visit it on breaks from painting in the studio by walking up and down our deadend street.  I should be riding my new bicycle but sadly my numb feet keep me from the impulse.  Instead I have plenty to occupy my mind in the studio, starting  new works.

The initial stages of painting are usually messy and can sometimes lead me to second guess myself and want to scrap a canvas before its gone too far.  Resisting this impulse I paint as much as I can all of the information I initially see from the transparency. (I used transparencies this time as I made the collage images on the computer first!)  Then I must stop painting until that layer is dry.  Its hard for me not to make umpteen trips to the studio during the rest of the day, once I stop painting, to go and have a look at what I have wrought.  Its a silly game I play with myself.  Its better when I leave things alone for a bit. 

It is also why I generally work on more than one painting at a time.  Going from one painting to the next helps me control my nervous energy.  As I've started all new paintings today and yesterday, today's sampling is decidedly not finished looking.  In fact, its a right mess!

Recently I've taken to dripping paint to help keep the paintings free of overworking.  Sometimes I leave the drip marks in, sometimes not.  In "Beggar's Bridge" I plan on having the whole thing look as it you're viewing it through a rain shower using dripped paint.  That is why I don't intend on working up the background any more.  The rain will be a teal colour and help breakup the upper bar of dark green colour.  I hope it will also give the feeling of "looking through" to see the bridge?!

In "Back Road" I'm planning on darker marks to help push the scene of the road and trees farther back in space.  Yet, I also like the idea of flat graphic marks
AND depth.  It remains to be seen if I can be successful at this?
And, yes, there is a face in this painting.  Not sure yet whether it shall stay?!

In "One of the Wishing Chairs" I thought I would start with just splashed, dripped marks to see if the background could define the foreground.  It can.  After this liquidy mess is dry I think I'll see what it needs!

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