Friday, September 30, 2011

the start of something special

In painting there's always a chance taken when trying to portray an idea in paint.  There's always lots of trials and problem solving to things like composition and colourways.  Then there are those magic moments when it seems that some paintings almost paint themselves!

I set out to make a painting for our art group's "theme challenge" from a scribble sketch I did while going through chemo.  A symbolic idea of a small figure on the back of a great stag.  To me this represents the idea of being rescued by some great, wild, strong power.

In starting the painting yesterday I reallyl didn't have a grasp on what kind of background the painting would have.  It had to be something ominous to create the tension between the subject and the environment.

I dripped red paint over a colour background and then decided that perhaps a dramatic sky should be the background element with some of the red drips showing through.

In applying the paint the choices of where to put the brush seemed easy.  After a two hour session on this piece I realised that it looked almost complete without my thought-out premise.  As an abstract work it pleases me as it is.  Perhaps the "great stag rescue" piece that I thought to do shall be another canvas.  This magic I don't want to mess with.  Now what to call it?

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