Monday, September 12, 2011


It's almost Monday morning I've stayed up so late.  It's always been hard for me to go to sleep and to wake in the morning.  Each state of being is so delicious that it is hard to change from one to the other, but once I'm awake or asleep I'm completely committed to that state of being.  

While still awake at night my mind is always thinking of imagery, ideas for paintings yet to make.  Sometimes I never get to them and they disappear for some other idea that preempts their making.  Tonight's offering are two digital collages that might make for good paintings.  I'm often asked to make flower pictures, but what interests me more than just rendering from a photo of a flower, is to make the image more interesting by making the flower abstracted in some way.  Using digital collaging as source material always excites me to the possibility of what the painting might be like.  For the painting always comes out different than the reference but the reference is always a good starting point!

Health news . . . Saturday, very early morning I had a PET scan.  This came about from an elevated CA-125 number on my last lab.  Previously I had had a Cat scan of my head, neck and abdomen and had fluid extracted from my belly.  Both were looked at and there were found no gremlins, cancer, etc.  Yet, because of this elevated number the doctor requested the PET scan as I guess it looks deeper into the body.  The best part of the test were the beautiful full colour 3D images of the inside of my body.  I do hope to persuade the lab to send me a CD.  The images are ripe for art making!  It is my firm belief that there will be no trace of cancer in this scan. 

Slowly, I'm getting my hair back in the form of "velvet" fuzz on my head and my finger nails are growing out to healthy pink and I'm in all hope of getting the feeling back in my toes as well.  While this dance is slow, there is improvement of which I strongly guard and will not relinquish easily no matter what the numbers show.  I cannot live by numbers alone!  Unless they are the numbers relating to how much I love, am loved, canvases I can make, working and making a contribution and the amount of wine and sweets I can get away with!

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