Monday, September 26, 2011

new experiments

Experimenting is new for me.  On the changing road of art I used to think that you mastered painting by making "representational" pictures, but evolving to this point I'm realising that almost anything can be art and becomes so when you see in it something that intrigues.  I never gave my faux finish samples much credance either other than to get the job, but increasingly the techniques I've gleaned from interior decoration has started infiltrating my own paintings.  Specifically the idea of letting a painting be nothing more than "process" rather than an "image."

I actually prefer the imaginative "image" over process "making" but it does please that nervous energy in me that wants to make something quickly.  I don't always have the patience to dive into a painting.  The drips and scrappings of these works give me a kind of freedom.  In varied combinations of techniques I can see things that a "thought out" approach doesn't always allow.

That's not to say that my painting is taking a back seat to this new way of working.  In fact, I think alot about how to incorporate a deliberate approach to image making along with a more free form accidental mark making that "processing" brings.  I like not being afraid of wrecking work.  I think that once your unafraid of failing, a painting can become successful.  Sometimes it takes working on several things at once before some one thing comes out, almost by magic, from the endeavour.

This new piece was created from a discarded canvas that had smeared colours in oranges and browns.  Dripped part gel/part paint in half circles down the length of the rectangle created a feeling like the cut end of a log, the growth rings of a tree.  The texture afforded me a relief element that caught paint scraped into it in an interesting way.  An old canvas found new life.  The name of the piece is, "Age".

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