Friday, September 16, 2011

doctor visit

Visiting the doctor has become a routine activity for me since being diagnosed with cancer.   Tonight's visit comes on the heels of having had a PET scan which found no sign of cancer in my body.  To me this news was received with champagne celebration.  However I hadn't heard the doctor weigh in until tonight.  While the various tests give the doctor nothing to treat, his concern is that my CA-125 number keeps going up.  I hadn't thought this more than a "mis-read" due to the fact that numbers can be inconclusive where nature is concerned.  But he has a point.  Why does this number keep going up?  Hmmmm?

I will continue on the trial and the numbers will be monitored.  I have every faith that this number game will come to naught.  It is the doctor's job to worry 'bout such things, I've got better things to do because I know there is nothing to worry about.

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