Monday, September 26, 2011


Contemplative 6x6"
Universal 6x6"
To this point I don't think I've talked about making "block" paintings.  The intrigue for most artist is the blank canvas or blank block.  Those blank square hardboad blocks that call out to you from the art store shelf, "buy me."  So one day while still on chemo and too weak to stand at my paint wall I bought some 6x6" square hardboard blocks and started making images on them from my scribbling in a sketchbook.  I successful sold several at two venues so have been making more.  My husband saved me from having to purchase more blocks by making me more blanks in various sizes which shall keep me busy for awhile.  The most recent blocks look like this:
gumball 6x6"
rooted rainbow 9x9"
ribbons & rings 9x9"
rabbit 6x6"
odd bodkin 6x6"
hand tree 12x12"
rock 6x6"
tornado 6x6"

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