Friday, August 5, 2011

Love is a busy week

Love is a busy week with friends that i've asked to play me, on site in someone's home, to get work done while I am a whisper in their ear to give instruction about what to do. But "what to do" like "how to love" is up to each and every individual so I know that my friends will do a good job on their own. They don't need me to mind them. We'll all benefit with a few coppers in our pockets from this project.

It represents, for me a start back to work at commissions in people's homes. It's also a push for me to see how far I can stretch my legs. I've currently been know to succumb to napping, something I would never have done in the past! This new me will be different and I must learn who she is. While I may wish to revert back to old habits I will now have to learn to stumble, then walk before running!

As usual, though I get excited by ideas in art or in how to go about doing things.  What I need is to slow down and not be in such a hurry to run off that cliff!  Perhaps give up a bit of brawn for a bit of wisdom and the bouyant love that surrounds me.  I stubbornly want to do it all but, perhaps there is nothing wrong with letting others do for me while I invent a different kind of painting world.  One where I'll have lots of time and imagination to last a lifetime!

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