Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Legs don't fail me now!

While I love being back to work painting i'm chagrined at my limitations, especially in my legs. From the waist up I feel strong and quite vocal about it. My "pins", however don't seem to have much longitude. After a few hours on my feet it feels like I'm being restricted in my legs. It's some kind of fluid build up?

The doctor wants to take a needle and remove some of this fluid. Firstly I'm curious to know why this fluid is present? Secondly, I suppose they'll have to test the fluid once drawn to see If there are any "gremlins" present?!

Of course I'm keeping my own council on these things. I don't plan on going back on chemo until I'm quite old and crotchety, if ever! This is just another pebble on the road.

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