Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late Summer Storm

The sky is turning orange then purple announcing the arrival of this storm that has had a promise of coming all day. The leaves turning back on themselves my grandfather said was always a sure tell of a coming storm. The wind is up and it is here now in it's thunder and lightening. I love thunder storms, they make me feel so alive. And it is good to be alive. I even have corroboration. It came in the form of a few words on paper. A CT scan report in the post from a recent scan of my head, neck and body. The report shows no cancer. Of course this is what I've been saying all along but it certainly is nice to get validation!

There are many storms in life and so many unexpected influences but I like to think that the magic of the unpredictable is the food of life. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour but always curious. So much can define us that we are not aware of.

The storm passes to a distant soundtrack over other houses and I am glad that it came by. The cat wants out now that it has stopped raining. I will sleep now and breathe slowly and dream. Tomorrow I will get another new day all bright and fresh with promise.

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