Thursday, August 25, 2011

I settled down with a man
   who settled down
   truth be told
I'm a flat stone,
A skipping stone
   looking for a body of water
   to throw this body into.

A scent of a storm
   looking to roll over
   mountain and vale
Rattling the window as I go.

An eye on the horizon
   full of tearful sunsets
   sleeping in strange sounds
   of unfamiliar places at night.

A view to somewhere else
   that I can't get to from here.

A wanderer in my heart stuck at home.
A wanderer in my soul
   looking for a way to go.

There's comfort in staying in place.
The two of us circling one another in our ways,
   plans made and discarded,
   delayed gratification of "someday".

We didn't mean to settle
   and certainly gained more for the bargain
   from each other.

We are here
   the "X" on the map,
Plotting our little strategies
   with maps and pins
Writing escape plans
   tattooed on each other.

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