Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What was old is new again!

Happily I am back to work in the studio working on commission paintings. Specifically a horse picture for a young lady that is long overdue. Soon I'll be making the phone call to tell her father that it is ready.

Also on the docket is Detroit Artist Market's Small(er) Show that I have a few pieces in. I encourage you to go to the opening reception Friday, 5 August 2011 from 6-9pm. The entire group show is work under 8x8 inches and under $250. Should be interesting! The show runs through the month of August.

In addition I have a list of my own making that seems to get longer all the time.  I'm glad of that as there seems no shortage of ideas to explore. Although, while I feel that there is much to make I often wish I could have the freedom of travel to be able to collect images that inspire me from other places. It is sometimes hard to create in a vacuum. Moving about helps trigger my mind to ideas. This restlessness proves that I'm getting better.

The farther I get from the last doses of toxic chemo (15 June) the better I feel. My eyes have returned to normal. My finger tips are still problematic but ever so slowly growing healthy nails. My taste and appetite have returned with gusto. My physical strength is still in need of improvement so my studio time is limited to 3-4 hours/day. Yet in that time I'm happily spinning my own visual yarns. Now, if I only had a story for some of this folly! Well, then again the finished artwork will probably tell me what the story is! At least I hope so!

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