Saturday, July 16, 2011


While I may not be ready to do handsprings and cartwheels off ladders with a paintbrush handle gripped between my teeth I do have help!  The most amazing, wonderful help anyone could ever have.  Throughout these long months of existence while on chemo I have been priviledged to have the love of my husband and girlfriends that have helped me beyond measure.  As I regain my physical strength, I am fortunate to have wonderful women paint associates that can help me with commissioned painting projects.  For this I'm truly grateful.   Our combined abilities enable all of us to share in work and fun as well.

  The idea of how much I'm helped occured to me this morning while putting on a belt.  The simple help of a belt to hold up your trousers.  I never wore a belt much.  I used to wear my work jeans at the waist or sliding down my hips until they became so paint encrusted they could almost walk on their own.  Wearing a belt now that I've lost weight helps me and makes me feel a bit androgenous too. Come to think of it now that I don't have any of my female bits I feel somewhat androgenous.  Not that I ever was a girly, girl or a tomboy, but it feels liberating to not be held captive to the moon cycle anymore.  I feel more like that child that could pretend to be a boy pirate with a wooden sword stuck in my belt making some scalliwag walk an imaginary plank.  And I know my band of merry cohorts will have my back and help me sieze the day!

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