Saturday, July 23, 2011

the eyes have it

Here are those hot summer days that have us all drenched in sweat and complaining.  It's good to be alive if we're complaining!  I'm happy to report that my eyes are well enough for me to drive . . . freedom! Yipee!  My fingers on the other hand are still looking ghoolish and horrid but at least they aren't any worse. It will take a long time for new nails to grow.  I can see evidence of it which gives me hope!

My strength is returning as well, although I'm still only in the studio a few hours a day.  I'm so happy to be working, facing a canvas trying to solve colour and composition problems.  It sends me into the best kind of cathartic craziness of what to do next with paint and brush!

The new blocks I've been making with painted textures and line work from my scribbles I now want to make in larger versions as well.  There seems to be a stream of ideas now that I've got a bit of my legs back under me!

But in looking around and in listening to others advice and stories I'm shocked to find out that there is a corallation between paint and cancer.  Most noteably for contract painters there seems to be a higher risk of contracting colon, prostate and other types of cancer.  I had no idea that the painting profession held such a statistic.  A friend told me this news and wondered, rightly so, why there weren't large signs of warning in the paint shops to make everyone aware of the danger.  Two of her associates that worked as paint contractors have passed within a year of being diagnosed.  They had worked in my house just last spring!

Perhaps we've been perceiving all the dangers of posions for our bodies in modern life in the abstract and not in the day to day reality of our working life.  Just as I was told that I was a candidate for ovarian cancer because I was a childless woman.  Who knew? 

Most of the contract painters I know would probably dismiss this news as piffel as the modern paint products do boast low VOC's (volitle organic chemicals), but still it is worth keeping in mind that whether we like it or not there is some poison risk when working with things not nature made!  Before my diagnosis I'd be the first one to have said that being careful was "nonsense"! 

Well, even with this new knowledge, I'm just as stubborn as my paint contractor brethren.  I'm going to keep painting!

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