Friday, July 15, 2011

Early on I had made a prediction that after the initial months of chemo I would be hale and hearty by July.  Well, July is here and I must eat my words.  Partly due to unforseen issues that came up with my eyes and fingers and partly from my overzealous nature to be back to a strong version of myself.  I'm not ready to go out into the world and paint.  I fooled myself a bit.  I'm getting better but I'm not able-bodied yet!  I'm felled by a side effect from the eye meds that tank my blood pressure, making me weak.  This too shall pass once I'm off the diuretic for the eyes.  My eyes are better, but I wait for the day when I won't take anything, then my body will know how to mend itself.  That's the magic of being alive.
   In the meantime I plot and plan my world of artistic folly in scribbles and mucky paint from perches conveniently placed about the house!

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