Friday, July 8, 2011

artful resting

  I still must type everything large sized because my eyes are still hazed by the side effects of chemo.  Its becoming a powerful nuisance after weeks and weeks, taking tablet after tablet.  sigh!  I just keep telling myself, that "this too shall pass!"  It's just being damn slow about going!

  This past week my mister and I got to spend a few days at a lovely home in Toronto's historic area.  As my mobility was limited we didn't set our sights on doing much more than a wee bit of exploring and eating well.  That was the best part, splurging on the most amasing food.  And there was lots of it to be found in the smallest of places.  You needn't go to some grand place to find good food.  I'm happy to say that we ate food that will remain in our memories.  It certainly helped take the sting out of my limited capacity.  Even a blind man can appreciate the smell and taste of delictable nums!

   Before we left for our "mini break" a shop in Northville, "Starring, the gallery" held a soiree for it's "First Friday" series featuring my artwork.  There was a great turnout and I'm pleased that some of my new work sold well.  It was very encouraging for me to carry on!

   Also, before we left for holiday I finished one new painting.  A graphic piece taken directly from a scribble out of my sketchbook.  It's called, "Ladder".

   Now, back at home I'm ready to start the next portion of chemo.  I won't be getting the nasty drugs that I have been getting but the "study" drug that everyone seems to be raving about, Avastin.  I will be getting this drug administered in my port every 3 weeks for 15 times.  I'm told that it has no discernable side effects.  I hope so.  Hope is always my word of choice!

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