Monday, June 20, 2011

Squinty eyed

Today's text needs to be large so that I can see it.  I haven't blogged much of late as I've been "duck and cover" over another bump in my wellness road.  My fingertips and eyes seem to have conjured some sort of infection. Unknown as to origin but a damn nuisance.  My eyes are filmy making it hard to see and my fingertips look like little onion bulbs!  I expect the antibiotic to do its trick now that I'm no longer getting poisonous chemo but it does wear on me the loss of two of my most important tools -- fingers and eyes!

I'm so looking forward to getting my taste, strength and hair back now that I've finished the nasty portion of chemo.  I know it will take weeks but everyday is a step in the right direction.  Even the CT scan I just had this past Thursday I knew would be clear and was!  I keep telling them,  "I don't have cancer, I have chemo.!"  The tumor has been removed long since and I've been bombarded with everything short of glowing green in the dark so there aren't any microbes to be slaughtered.   We need to leave my body to get back to itself and I'll be right as rain! sigh!

In the meantime I find it amusing to try and sketch half-blind.  The outcome will be interesting to see.   There may be a "happy accident" to making art this way!  So until this malady passes I'm squinting at everything odd angle and biding my time!

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