Saturday, June 25, 2011

Painting with Tears

My blurry eyes drove me to seek doctoring to find a remedy this week.  Thought to be a side effect from some of the toxic chemo it appears there is swelling in the retina which is causing the blurred vision and weeping tears rolling down my face.  The remedy, another tablet to take that has its own list of side effects.  Oiy!  Yet I'll dutifully carry on with it if it makes things better.  Who ever heard of a diuretic for the eyes!

My fingertips are still hyper sensitive onion bulbs. The remedy for this I know not.  Although what comes to mind is a story I'd heard about Matisse in his later years with accute arthritis in his hands.  I'm told that he had his brushes taped to his hands.  When asked why he endured such discomfort to work at painting, he was said to reply, "when the pain is gone the beauty remains!"

This coming week on Friday, 1 June, 6-9p  I look forward to the opening at Starring, the Gallery in Northville.  My artwork will be displayed in the shop as the featured artist for the month.  This first Friday of the month the shops of Northville are open late for a good stroll and some refreshment.  Come have a browse!

Then there is the letter in today's post from the Kresge Foundation.  Months ago I applied for the foundation's visual arts grant.  14 grants are handed out every other year to mid-career artists in financial need.  I felt in my heart that I deserved this grant at this time in my life.  And, while that statement is certainly true I was not selected.  This news then triggers a reality cheque that is certainly tearful or to put it another way, I'm gutted!  Yet there's naught to be done for it but to keep painting.  What else is there but the happiness you make for yourself.  I wonder if anyone has ever tried to paint with tears! 

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