Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Kate Project and other musings

Months ago my friends put together a viral email to promote sale of my artwork to raise money through websites offering prints or art on mugs, etc. Since the inception of the email $100 has been raised with a percentage to go to Ovarian Cancer Research Thank you all for your participation.

Just had second to last chemo yesterday. Last one next Wednesday. These last dog days of chemo have been a bit rough and I'm glad it will soon be behind me. If I must lose strength I'm at least grateful for warm sun on my bones. It feels so good to sit in the sun, listen to the birds sing and feel the warmth with a lite breeze veiling over me at intervals. After the long cold months I revel in this season. Today is a softer day cooling the heat of yesterday. It's seems quieter when the sun isn't out. The sun makes everything vibrate while the cool moist days make everything greener and mellow. The world drinks, the creature and plants drink!

In my waiting for this to be over I wish for a destination to go to to celebrate. Somewhere I can put my toes in warm sand. At night I go to sleep trying to purposefully dream myself an adventures in another land. I want to traverse places I've never been before as well as those familiar on a map of Europe. I want to wake with the sense that I must be going soon. Perhaps with even a spice sent still in my nostrils from a market stall. I want the prophetic dream that makes me believe that I will traverse more than my tiled floors.


Instead I traverse my noodle in thinking up nonsense in scribbles to entertain. It seems the only distraction that I can muster while not feeling fully myself. I am inspired by the idea that we can create a world when we can't be in the world. When I get my strength back it will be such a treat to really take that holiday and immerse myself in new inspiration for more nonsense image making. I so look forward to that as well as making my "minions" and sending them out into the world. I need for their to be a place for me. And there is if I make it!

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