Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's a beautiful Spring morning after my heavy chemo dose, Roumd 5, Day 1 of yesterday. I feel good this morning, actually normal for these days. The green outside my doors and widows helps immensely to that feeling especially. I feel like working which is what I've been waiting for. Getting out of this weakness limbo to get some imagery on panel or paper would make me so happy!

I'm looking for a theme in a way. Not a particularly "pointed" one but something of a statement to support the images from where I am at this point in time. Perhaps as in a loose story of some kind.  The idea of "horizons" appeals to me. Always has, actually. As a child I was always looking at the horizon as it held the pull of adventure and travel. In Britain as well as Pennsylvania the irony of the horizon could be confusing as you would clammer up a hill to see if there were a vast horizon at the top only to find another rolling hill. One after the other, but I knew the expanse was there even though I couldn't see it!

Being land locked here in the vastness of Michigan Midwest it's harder to find horizons in the physical world so they must be of a different nature, that's my current picture challenge. Yet it is not the only theme I think I shall play with, just the one at present I can name.

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