Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From unexpected places

It is from unexpected places that we learn lessons about ourselves. I've been told by friends that I got cancer because I needed to learn some lessons. While I think that it certainly is teaching me I don't believe that I got cancer because I needed to learn something. That's as ridiculous as those who believe that God punishes us with hurricanes and tsunamis. You get what you get!

Yet in the arch of time that I've been dealing with cancer I have noticed things along the way. Sometimes just something that I find profound that said in passing like a throw away line of conversation. I'm grateful that I caught it.

The lesson is deep and simple. To thine own self be true. Without sounding cliche it helps me to recognize that I have something to say in the art I make even if I frustratingly can't make anything right now. I can realize my own existence in the strength of will to carry on in my own happiness, the best kind of selfishness after all! The lesson of love and patience, of believing so completely that it becomes unshakable. It feels good to know these things. Did I know them before cancer?, perhaps, but since it's as if my resolve is cast in bronze.

I'll wear happiness as my armor!

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