Wednesday, May 11, 2011

faces in scribbling

Chemo day.  A long one where I get 3 drugs in one day.  The other two days of the cycle I only receive one drug.  So this day usually has me going from being "up" to being a bit rummy.  So I make rummy pictures I suppose.

Today's sketches reflect my enjoyment of making faces out of shapes just scribbled on the page.  As if I've a record of people I've seen in passing and rendered.  People's faces have such character.  And since I haven't the means to have people pose for me I think the scribbling just represents a composite of people you see everywhere around you.  An amalgum of shapes and moods.

In 'Redemption' I think I've found
the themed painting for our "artcircle" groups challenge
for October.  That's not to say that I won't come up with
something I like better as the deadline 
closes, but so far this is hitting a chord
with me with regard to my own redemption.  Its imperfect and the body is seen not as one entity but as two, yet it does seem to me to be a "whole" person in the picture idea.  A new person with perceptions beyond her own head!

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