Friday, May 27, 2011

big green holiday

So much rain making everything super green holds my fascination about the speed of the growth of life.  How marvelous that we can actually see the changes!  I see the changes in myself as well.  Talked about as side effects from chemo but still changes I keep track of in the countdown to this severe treatments end. 

At present my fingertips feel like they might fall off.  Luckily there's a remedy so far for the issues I have been dealing with.  Happily they've all been supplement based.  Vitamins and food, I can do that!  With only 3 more sessions to go I'm anticipating things like being able to "taste" again and getting strength back into my body by exercise, oh, and hair would be nice! 

In the meantime I scribble away in my sketchbook and make preparations for work to come in the studio.  Some of my exploration to do with the figure in forms "other" than humanistic, perhaps as a portrait of impermanence like that of eroded rock!

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