Monday, April 11, 2011

Strengths & weaknesses

Everyday I aim for the studio to get involved in whatever new idea or image that's waiting for me on the easel.  Everyday I procrastinate something fierce without knowing why.  I supppose it has to do with getting ready in some slow dance I do with myself.  It's silly really, because once you start puttering in your workspace it all just comes together and your off.  Then you wonder why it took you so long to start? 

This weekend, however it was impossible to get into the studio!  Sunday's summer tempratures were so amazing that sleeping on the grass in the warm sun was a necessity.  If  I were strong enough I would have ridden my new bike or taken an easel to some prime spot for some en plein air painting.  But who's that ambitious?  Not me.  I'd rather drape myself on a chair outside and marvel at being "outside."

In the evening when you have to come inside like a reluctant child, all red faced from too much sun, and wondering if my bald head got scalded, then the scribble book comes out while flopping in the lounge, tellie on.  Then the invention starts.  The theme comes without thought, "strength and weaknesses" . . . some bodies look strong, some not.  Bodies all together but yet so separate in uniqueness.  This might be a good idea for a painting!

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