Friday, April 22, 2011

Splendid day

Yesterday was indeed THE first most splendid day I've had since starting chemo treatments!  Yes, I'm still weak and fight to stay hydrated but it felt good to be physical in my body working outside on a grand spring day.  The mission: move the ugly little metal shed from the yard to behind the studio.  The participants: my mister on his new riding mower and our most resourceful neighbor, Darlene and myself as dirt digger and cheering section.

We managed to move the shed by using skids and pry bars and sliding the thing along.  It was a wonderful achievement.  In its place there will be a row of hops for contributing ingrdients to the local pub's IPA brew!  Our favourite!

In addition to moving the shed we planted 3 new trees.  One oak and two red buds thanks again to our neighbor, Darlene and her sapling collecting!  One of these years we won't be looking out onto a massive flat yard but on a park-like setting full of trees and wonderful native plantings!  It's all 'art', just in giant 3D scale!

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