Thursday, April 14, 2011


Years and years and years ago, back in my rock and roll youth I sang for a living. Not many people know this. I chased the dream of performing and recording for many years before turning to art making. I knew how to sing but I didn't know how to surround myself with people that had my best interest at heart! Today I'm happy to be a legend in my lounge!
I bring this up because I've met, but never met a jazz singer that has helped me so much in the early stages of coping with cancer treatments, Elaine Greenburg! She's been cancer free for many years but is an advocate for helping other woman at various stages along their journey with cancer. We've talked about being artists with cancer and the ways in which you find to cope with issues as they crop up. Most noteably for how to cope with chemo or radiation therapies.

The women Elaine introduced me to to talk to or exchange emails were so helpful to me. They were so willing to honestly tell me how it was for them in their cancer. I'm so grateful to them for their advice, tricks and tips of how to deal with everything from hair loss to how to eat when you don't want to. I hope I can be of service to others as they have been to me.

Now that I've got my legs under me and dealing with cancer treatment is really just my part-time job I'm happy to be able to pass along a wonderful event, JAZZALOT! Elaine will be singing and there will be other performers as well. I encourage all to this event!
To see this more clearly, cheque out the link on my FB page!

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