Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dogs Days of Chemo

That's the phrase my mister has coined for my remaining weeks of chemo!  The long march of weekly infusions and mitigating issues as they arise from the side effects of having strange chemicals pumped into you!

There are 7 weeks left of this march and I've taken to marking off the calendar like a child anticipating the last days of school before summer.  Then I wonder at how long it will be before the last vestiges of chemicals will have quit my body so that I can get it back in shape?

I like the idea that the chemo shall end as the days get warmer so that the summer shall regrow in me new strength.  Plant me in the ground, sun and water me and see what kind of new form sprouts!  One that has no chemo or cancer,  just the scars to show that I've walked this way!

1 comment:

  1. We go through these trials and tribulations in this life to show that we were
    indeed here,and made a differance somehow. . You continue to be an inspriation. Rock on Kate, Rock on.